IPED Research Offerings

Channel Research Competitive Benchmarks

IPED Channel Research Competitive Benchmark engagements offer data rather than anecdotes in support of Partner Strategy and Program Design development, on-going operational decisions or justification of investment in the channel.

IPED is the gold standard in Channel Research.

Using our extensive channel knowledge domain drawn from over 50 years of experience in channel research, you get the very best both from channel and market research expertise.

John Machado
Director of Business Development

Research only engagements are conducted across either The Channel Company's database and/or the Vendor's own partner list from their partner program. A representative sample is drawn from the UBM Channel database to mirror the solution providers population in the North America Channel.

Base decisions on facts and data via IPED Benchmarks including:

  • Partner Loyalty: How loyal are your partners? Why? How likely are they to switch? What are the key drivers?
  • Product Viability: How competitive is your product with partners? Why?
  • Partner Value Proposition: How does your Value Proposition play with partners? Why? Includes partner profitability (services attach rate, over-under distribution of product, product competitive stance in the market, etc.) assumptions.
  • Partner Portal Effectiveness: How effective is your Partner Portal? Why?
  • Partner Incentives: How well do your discounts/margins, rebates, deal registration, etc. benefits incent partners to invest in your product?